our value proposition


feel ready for any challenge in life.

We want you to feel ready in a physical and mental sense. You should have the information and assurances you need, and should feel in control and know what you need when making the more informed choice about your health goals and needs.


The three entry points to our care pathway



Experiencing a recent discomfort? An ongoing issue? Or long-standing nerve or muscle pain?

Our RELIEVE goals are to exactly what the name suggests - help quickly address your priority pain points using a selection of treatments that include soft tissue massage, dry needling, Chinese acupuncture, and other techniques. These consultations are focused on:

  1. Identifying your lifestyle and/or performance pain points

  2. Setting SMART goals that include your physical, mental and social wellbeing

  3. Create a prognosis-driven treatment plan

  4. Ensure the best practice collaboration and education is implemented

  5. Provide you with a functional map and timeline for your return to your previous pain-free foundations



Are you looking to create a better foundation for your physical wellbeing? Or have been experiencing plateaus and restrictions in your performance and/or training progress? Or wanting to give yourself a fresh start and a new platform to build from?

Our RESTORE goals are to re-establish your body’s potential through your spine, hips, limbs and movement patterns through our 1-on-1 consultations and/or Momentum Move classes. These sessions are focused on:

  1. Identifying the physical and mental energy leaks that currently exist within your present performance capacity

  2. Restoring your functional baseline mobility, strength and balance foundation blocks

  3. Commencing a sustainable short-term plan to achieve priority goals



Planning to take your performance to the next level? Looking to add some new tricks to your training recovery?

Our ELEVATE goals are to help you focus on any aspect of life that you want to perform better in. Whether it be in a sporting nature, at home being ‘Parent of the Year’, or simply just wanting to improve your current level of health and wellbeing for long-term, lasting results, this entry point is for you.

Creating lifetime value for our team, our clients, and the community we live in
— Founder, Kieran